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The leading brand for luxury private jets in Taiwan

Exclusively customized, prestige service

Create true value every second of the day by choosing to fly in our private jet and navigate the world in royal comfort.   Forget about early arrivals and waiting time in the terminal, our plane is 24/7-ready, waiting just for you!
Create fully customizable itineraries based on your needs. Chartering private business Jets ensures customs clearance privileges that will save you from the long lines and complicated procedures.
With full control over your itinerary, this insures you with flexible schedule management, saving you time and enabling you to fly directly to your destination.
Say goodbye to troublesome transfers, make your long-distance flights comfortable and reliable.
Cruising up to 40,000 feet and above, our performance exceeds any airliner, avoiding busy airline traffic and adverse weather conditions. What's more, our cabins include a state-of-the-art office and conference environment to optimize your time in the air.
Plan a family charter trip on a private jet for more efficient travel, complete with all the amenities you need for a truly rewarding journey.

Embark on a journey with us, and enjoy ultimate comfort!

Safety Is Our Top Priority|Leading Safety Standards In Rhe Industry.

Peace Of Mind | Protecting Your Health, Giving You Peace Of Mind In Times Of Crisis. 

Absolute Privacy|One-To-One Service With The Utmost Privacy And VVIP Flight Experience.

High Flexibility|Premier Access Ro Customs And Express Check-In To Fit Your Flight Schedule.

Customizable Service|Create Your Own Service, Plan Your Flight, And Customize Your Needs And Requirements For An Even More Flexible Experience.
Transparency Of Fees|Reasonable Rates, Clear Communications, Long-Term Trust, And Cooperation.